Techsource Thermal Solutions provides leading edge thermal management solutions and world-class heatsinks to the power conversion, microprocessor, computer, renewable energy, automotive, telecommunications, industrial control, consumer electronics, medical, and aerospace and defense industries.

We specialize in solving thermal management challenges for today's electronics cooling. Lowest cost, highest quality technology solutions for the most complex thermal problems are what set us apart from "heatsink" companies. TechSource is your one-stop shop for all your heatsink and accessory needs. We offer extruded, bonded fin, stamped,  folded fin, "zipper", forged, skived, and die cast heatsinks, heat exchangers, liquid cold plates, thermal extrusions, LED heatsinks, clips and hardware, thermally conductive epoxies and greases, thermal interface tape, cooling fans, and heatpipes in a variety of standard and custom configurations.

Techsource Thermal Solutions is uniquely qualified to deliver the increasingly complex thermal solutions required to meet the thermal engineering challenges of today's ever-higher electronics packaging densities by offering a comprehensive line of thermal management products. Whether off-the-shelf or custom designed, our thermal team will provide the right solution at the lowest total cost.

We specialize in fast turnarounds and small orders. In addition, we provide inventory management programs tailored to your just-in-time material requirement needs.

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